I’ve grown up in southern Louisiana, AKA “Cajun Country”. Culture and tradition have families living here all bound up. Here- food is life. It’s everywhere. It’s the center of every social event. Which isn’t exactly uncommon in other areas, but the thing that separates Cajun food from all other cuisines is that it consists primarily of THE most unhealthy foods while using the most unhealthy methods of preparation.

When I turned 16, something drove me to become healthier. I wanted to start exercising and eating right but I had no idea how to do any of that. So I began to research. Slowly but surely I started cutting out meats, dairy, and eggs. And I do mean slowly. I wouldn’t recommend trying to go completely plant-based overnight. Some people can do that, but most people can’t. It’s such a huge transition.

So now, have been completely plant-based for almost 4 years now. That has come with many struggles but also many rewards. On this website, I hope to accurately depict how simple life and food should actually be.

I am so passionate about helping people discover true health. Health in all avenues of life. So yes, I do talk about food a lot and I love creating recipes to share. But health is so much more than the food you eat. Plus, the food you consume affects so much more than just your own body. (think world-wide effects)

I find so much joy in this and I know that this is my calling. So I hope that you as a reader find my content informative, entertaining, and enlightening. I hope that it invokes questions and topics that have never truly come to your attention before.

I am not afraid of being different. Can you say the same?

-Liz Courville