A Farewell & Welcoming

To 2017:

I felt the need

To say goodbye

To one the hardest year of my life, thus far.

But I cannot say farewell,

Until I have to expressed

How completely thankful that I am, for this year and all of the growth that has occurred  because of it.

I have learned an unimaginable amount of knowledge about my true self.

I have pushed myself to the limit, in everything.

I have never worked harder.

I have also never felt so much. I have felt every feeling to its extreme.

I have felt love, loneliness, depression, anxiety, determination, fatigue, and contentment at their deepest levels.

I felt God

When I felt like

I had, no one else.

I felt him

In the crisp fall air,

In the slightest breeze,

In the rustling of the leaves.

He is Warmth.

I have learned to see and appreciate

The beauty and uniqueness

That every person around me

Has to offer.

I have learned to embrace my introversion and independence.

I have truly learned how to adore the simplest things that life has to offer.

Like the crackling of a fire.

The warmth of a cup of black coffee.

Like a good conversation, with a genuine person.

To 2018:

I would like to welcome 2018, with the most open arms.

I have no clue

What is in store

And it is so exciting.

So many opportunities have already presented themselves.

My only hope is that

I will laugh

So much more.

And that

The only tears

To fall

Will be tears of


And not of pain.

I hope to continue, to be true to myself.

To be easier

On myself.

But even if this year

Is just as


As the last-


I will remain.

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