Protect Your Time

It may be the most precious and valuable of all commodities.

It might also be the hardest concept to understand.

But the ways in which we spend it,

Are of the greatest importance.

If you aren’t doing something today that is driving you closer to the person that you want to be or the things that you are passionate to accomplish – then what ARE you doing? I truly believe that each one of us has a specific calling on our lives.

Some of us may not know for certain what that calling or passion is yet, but that’s OK. However, if you know what your passion is, then run with it. Embrace it in every way. Do whatever it takes to reach your fullest potential within that calling. But if you feel like you are in a place that is not right – whether it be a job, school, or relationship – I urge you to take action.

If your job environment is creating excessive amounts of stress to your life, consider getting out of there. If school doesn’t feel like the right path for you to take in order to fulfill your calling, don’t do it. If you have close relationships with people who only promote negativity, walk away.

I recently walked away from a job because it left me feeling more anxious and paranoid than any part time job should. I am blessed to have been given another job opportunity with a great company who is appreciative of my time and efforts.

I have also considered, re-considered, and post-considered – whether-or-not I want to continue my college education. I have questioned whether it is the best use of my time and money in order to fulfill my calling. I have concluded (to my dismay) that a degree is the right thing for me to pursue, and I am confident that I will not regret my time spent earning it.

I am extremely conclusive with the people that I allow into my life. Not because I am above anyone or because I am a snob. Only because I am conscious of my time. I want to surround myself with the most uplifting, positive, and kind people that I can find. I cannot stand to be around complainers, negativity, or rudeness. I have the right to keep these types of people in or out of my life.

It is our right, in every way.

Do not feel guilty for doing what is best for you.

For your health.

You have the right to spend your time as you choose. You do not need to feel obligated to do things that are only for the sake of other people’s pleasure. You do not have to do anything that you do not feel up to doing. Have the self-awareness to know when your time is being spent in all of the wrong places. If you’re are feeling drained, empty, unhappy – you are most likely having a time management issue.

And it is so easy to lose sight of our calling.

We get so wrapped up in pleasing other people.

In making money to survive.

In being “successful.”

Success is not something that we should strive for, it is something that comes automatically when we are fulfilling our true purpose.

Success is already within each of us.

Yes, we should always strive for excellence in everything that we do, but let excellence be the catalyst into success.

And keep in mind that —

Everyone and everything is fighting for your time,

but you should be fighting the hardest.

Time is strange.

Some days, months, and years fly by in an instant.

Some days, months, and years drag by in the worst ways.

Doors will close.

A new one will open.

A better one.

Allow yourself the gift of time.

Time to do the things that you love.

Time to discover your calling.

Time to take care of yourself.

Protect your energy,

You only have so much.

Be selfish

With your time.

Be greedy

With your time.

Protect your time, it is irreplaceable.



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