Our Plans, Are Less Than


We think that we have got it all figured out, don’t we?

Then something doesn’t go according to our plan, and our whole world seems to come crashing down.

This kind of thing happens all of the time

Everything that we thought should happen, cannot happen anymore.

Our expectations, all too high.

Our thoughts, often overtaken by our selfish nature.

We are human.

Life is just not “fair.”

As humans, we start planning from a young age. We are pushed into a strictly scheduled life with school and extra-curricular activities. Later in life we buy daily planner notebooks and make sure that all of the time slots get filled. We plan where we would like to go to college, what kind of job we think would be the best fit, and even the type of person whom we think that we should spend the rest of our lives with.

We begin to pursue these plans. A lot of times, things are going smoothly at first. Maybe some of these things are truly meant to be. And most of us are super passionate about what we (think that we) want and what we want to do. But passion can only get us so far. And our plans are prone to fail us.

Things do not always work out the way that we plan.

We may fail a class in college. We may not land our dream job right away. We may lose the person who we thought was “the one.”

What do we do now? These things were supposed to go our way, right?


Our plans are less than His.

And that is the only thing that we can trust. His plans, are the only ones that are bullet proof. God has shown this concept to me in such a clear way over the last few months. I felt like one thing after another kept happening, eventually leading to the destruction of my plans.

I thought that I knew my capabilities.

I thought that I knew my limits.

But this year so far has shown me that my plans can fall through in an instant.

I was not prepared. It has been a brutal process. But a very necessary one.

I have learned the truth, and that is that I know NOTHING. I am learning to accept that ultimately, I cannot control my life. And as hard and messy as life can get, practicing gratefulness in all situations has been such a game changer. Gratefulness can create a more positive atmosphere. Gratefulness keeps us grounded. Gratefulness helps the healing along.

Knowledge and wisdom will bloom from these little seeds of gratefulness.

I know without a doubt, that all of these trials and hard times are for a great purpose.

I know that every aspect of life contains lessons to be learned.

Yes, our plans will fall through.

But His will not.

Sometimes these fallen plans may shatter our hearts.

I now know what it feels like to be truly and deeply brokenhearted, but I also know how powerful true and deep healing can feel. Some of us may feel completely crippled by the thought of this concept, at first. However, realizing that we have so little control is essential. The sooner we embrace this concept, the easier the trials will become. 2017 has been the most humbling year of my life (scroll down to see my last post entitled “Seasons”) but I honestly would not have it any other way.

Losing things is not always a loss.

Losing someone is not the end.

A plan not going our way, may be the best way.

3 thoughts on “Our Plans, Are Less Than

  1. God ways are not our ways but HIS WORD shall remain forever! AMEN!
    This is life, it too shall pass, but we continue to learn, no matter our age, as we pass thru this life on to the next!
    Love you Lizzie, Momo Linda


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