All of the Sometimes

Many people ask us- how do we do it? The whole long-distance thing.

It is in fact a unique situation. Nothing of the normal. Everything epic. Long-distance relationships take two very special and driven people. I am not ashamed to say that both me and Kenneth fit into this category. When it comes to the important things in life – we know what we want, each other included.

So here is some background to our story:

We met as sophomores in high-school. Our friend groups intersected and I actually became good friends with Kenneth’s sister before really even meeting Kenneth. We would see each other occasionally at social gatherings, but it wasn’t until the first time that I hung out at the Sims’ house that I really noticed him. I distinctly remember seeing him that afternoon cutting the grass in the front yard, wearing a tank top. Kenneth has always been extremely fit, and I am not going lie – that tank top really emphasized his bi- & tri-cep muscles… (insert blushing cheeks and head-shaking here). Lauren (Kenneth’s sister) even mentioned to me later that afternoon, “You and my brother should totally date someday”. The irony. The following weeks we found ourselves texting and hanging out occasionally. We learned that we actually really liked hanging out and that eventually led us to going on our first date. After a few months of “dating” Kenneth decided to ask me to be his girlfriend, and I was so excited to say yes.

I’ll never forget the night he asked me. That night I had run my first 5K and afterwards I went to his soccer game. After the game we went out with the team and he drove me home. He walked me to my door and surprised me with the phrase- “Would you be down with being my girlfriend?” I was so excited to say yes.

Since that night, we have learned and grown with each other. We have gone through the last three plus years as best friends and life partners. Neither of us have ever chosen the easiest route. We have never really had the privileges of most modern day couples. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have attended separate schools and were involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities that prevented us from seeing each other every day. In high-school, we were lucky to see each other more than 3 days a week. We didn’t realize then that those weeks were preparing us for the months that we would have to spend apart.

Now Kenneth attends West Point Military Academy and I attend Louisiana State University. Approximately 1,200 miles apart. We see each other on average 7 times a year. So time is a precious thing to us. This relationship has taught me the true value of time, and I will never take advantage of it again. As hard as this situation is at times, we both can agree that we wouldn’t change it if we had the option.

As mentioned earlier – I can say confidently that both me and Kenneth are very driven individuals. We have a lot that we want to accomplish within our professional lives, so doing well in college is super important to both of us. We both agree that if we attended the same school, we would most likely distract each other from performing our absolute best. Not to say that we don’t have self-control, because we definitely have that. This situation just ensures that our focus is almost completely devoted to our education at this time. Although, we look forward to the day that we will be able to do life together. That is the ultimate goal.

I think it all comes down to knowing who we are and what we want. This relationship wouldn’t work otherwise. Patience is key. Keeping communication creative and regular is also important. Those few texts throughout the day mean everything. If we can afford a short phone call at the end of the day – that always makes things better. The best thing ever is the FaceTime dates on the weekend though.

No relationship is perfect. It is a constant learning of one another. A constant learning how to love one another in the most efficient ways. Showing gratitude for each other always. Embracing each other’s presence deeply when we have the fortune of being together.

So, this post is for you Kenneth. A little documentation of our ever-growing story.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my human.

I hope this blog entry means something to you. It’s the only thing that I could think to do that would touch your soul and warm your heart being so far away.


I love you.


All of the sometimes.


-Liz Courville



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