Dealing with Disappointment

Social media has a tendency of portraying only the positive sides of peoples’ lives. I’m here however to be as completely real with my followers as I can.

& the last few weeks of my fall 2016 were a real struggle for me.

My last post (The Equilibrium) went up way back in September 2016. I mention chemistry terms and such in this post, but I hope that didn’t fool you into thinking that I make A’s on my chemistry exams. Because I definitely don’t. I always strive to do the best that I can in my school work but a lot of times I feel like my hard work is just never enough.

I have always been one of those people that has to study significantly harder than everyone else to just make passing grades. After years of schooling I’ve come to the conclusion that 1) I am naturally an extremely indescisive person & 2) I am an extremely over-analytical person. So with those two things combined- it does not make for the best test-taking skills. Especially when most of the tests I have to take are multiple choice…

For those of you who don’t know- I am a full time student majoring in Nutrition and Food Science with a focus in Dietetics at Louisiana State University. I also basically work full time now as well. I juggle two part- time jobs at Fresh Kitchen & Magpie Cafe (both at small local businesses) here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I also do demos for a lady who has a salad dressing company occasionally.

My fall 2016 semester was supposed to be super easy, since I was only scheduled for 12 hours of school. Although all four of my classes were science based, I wasn’t really worried. But truth be told- chemistry kicked my butt. I attended every single one of my chemistry classes, but ended with a grade that isn’t considered passing in my major. I didn’t necessarily fail, but I will have to repeat the class and make a higher grade in order to graduate. When I found out I felt like such a failure. I felt completely defeated. Everyone was going out and celebrating the end of the semester, but I felt like that was completely inappropriate in my case. I felt like I had absolutely nothing to celebrate. All of the hard work and stress had been for nothing basically. Right?

I fell into a bit of depression but was relatively good at hiding that. I honestly considered taking time off of school. It took me a few days to clear my mind, and I’ve had to consciously remind myself that everything happens for a reason & that I’m not alone. It’s easy to look at everyone else around you, flaunting their perfect 4.0 GPAs. Everyone else seems to be so good at school… why can’t I be one of those people?!

It may be because: I am not like everyone else. I am completely unique.

Life certainly doesn’t always go as planned, but we have to remember that every so called “failure” is simply guidance. Every “mistake” is not a negative, but can be a learned from.

So now I am preparing for my spring 2017 semester. I am so absolutely excited. I will only have to attend classes two days a week which is going to relieve so much stress. I also am excited for the great things that I have on the agenda for my organization that I run at school (Shout-out to my friends who are active in the Plant-Based Society @ LSU). I am also super pumped to be training for my first half-marathon and my first triathlon this semester (Shout-out to my friends in the LSU Triathlon Club).

So early on, I’m kicking some 2017 “goals” off of my list. I’m feeling super motivated and empowered. I am ready for all of the learning and growing that this year will allow me.

I hope you are feeling the same. Big blessings to all of you in 2017. It’s going to be an awesome year!

P.S. Expect a lot of great content coming from this blog. I have exciting posts planned.

-Liz Courville