Finding Where You Belong


I recently traveled to Massachusetts and stayed in the Somerville area, which is near Cambridge and Boston. I was there for 10 days which was just enough to feel settled in and I found that by the end of the trip- I was very familiar with everything. I have fallen in love with that state. There is so much to do and see ALL of the time. It was so full of life. It was so active. People walked and biked everywhere… how cool is that? You can’t really do that in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Not to mention the weather, which was absolutely amazing the entire time. The winters are supposedly horrible, but I would be completely OK with living there two seasons out of the year…

I stayed in a beautiful old house. The streets in this area have houses facing each other on both sides. Each house is uniquely different from the next. I had not seen any that looked even slightly similar to another. The houses are almost just as unique as every human is, and each one displays some of the owner’s characteristics as well. Every house also had an amazing display of flowers to accompany it. I was struck by the simple beauty of daily life each time that I was walked, ran, or biked.

My second day there (June 12th) happened to be a Sunday and Kenneth (my best friend/boyfriend) and I decided that we wanted to find a beach. After tirelessly searching on Google for a decent beach that wouldn’t take all day to get to, we decided on one called Revere beach. We walked to the subway station and took two different lines to get there. When we first arrived at the beach, the weather was absolutely perfect. We found huge seashells to keep as souvenirs. About an hour or so into our visit however, the wind picked up a lot and there were a lot of rain clouds. So we waited it out and the rain clouds eventually passed but the wind was pretty strong all day long, which was kind of annoying. However, just being with Kenneth made every day that I was there fun and memorable.

The following 5 days (June 13th-17th) consisted of a lot of work. The non-profit organization that I am involved with is fairly new and there is a lot to keep up with. Planning a research project, applying for grants, blog writing, and social media posts were our top priorities. Overall I enjoyed my work with the team and was grateful to get that experience.

My favorite part of those days was waking up and being able to be with my favorite person (AKA Kenneth). And then at the end of our work days we could see each other for dinner. Honestly, it felt too good to be true. For those of you that don’t know- my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. He attends the United States Military Academy in New York, while I have stayed in our home state to attend Louisiana State University. Long distance is not easy, but when you know you are meant to be with a person- it will always seem like it is worth the wait. (I will share why and how we make it work in a separate blog post!)

The following weekend (June 18th-19th) we spent most of the time in Boston and we did some basic tourist activities! We did a trolley tour that took us to see many of the most historic spots and it was narrated by the nicest/funniest drivers. We also got to do a ferry tour that took us all over the Boston Harbor which was absolutely beautiful. Also, my friend and co-worker Lacey traveled there with me and we are both major “foodies,” so we had a list of restaurants that we had to check out while we were there. There are so many vegan and vegetarian options in the Boston area, it was almost overwhelming. Even if you go to a regular restaurant, there will be plenty of options and the staffs are way more educated on and willing to accommodate to those diets compared to restaurants in Louisiana. On my last full day, Kenneth and I decided to be adventurous again and we went to an island called Spectacle Island. We would highly recommend going there or one of the surrounding islands. It had amazing views of Boston and we got to walk the trails and hang out on the beach as well.

Something about being there just felt right. I did not want to go back home at all, I was honestly considering extending my stay. This trip definitely reassured me that I do want to travel and live other places besides where I have grown up. I do not think that I am meant to stay in Louisiana forever, and maybe I have simply grown out of it. Louisiana is known for its prominent Cajun culture. This culture is largely centered around food (lots of meat and almost everything is fried or covered in a fatty gravy) and “letting the good times role!” I strongly believe that food should fuel our lives. I personally “eat to live” but most people here in southern Louisiana insists that’s it’s the other way around and most claim that they would rather “live to eat.” Not that I don’t appreciate the opportunities and experiences that I have had here! And of course I still love all of my family and friends that are here. I just feel the need to explore other options and I love connecting with more like-minded people as I travel.

I cant wait to visit Boston again. I would  strongly encourage everyone to adventure out into the beautiful world that God created for us. You will not only enjoy the sights, but travel is one of the best ways to learn. Learning through experiences and real life situations cannot compare to listening to a professor lecture for an hour. It’s a whole different level of education and I believe it is just as important as the standard academic protocols. So if life allows you- just GO. Find where you truly belong. Find a place in which you feel that you can be your true self. Somewhere that will allow you to do the things you were made to do. You may have already found that spot, which is so great! I’m still trying to find my way and I will indeed enjoy the journey.

-Liz Courville


My favorite activities & places in / near Boston:

Trolley tours

Ferry tour / boat ride


Harvard and Harvard Square

Boston Public Market

Spectacle island

My favorite restaurants & cafés in / near Boston:

Life Alive

Clover, Clover Food Lab

My Thai Vegan Café



Boston Tea Stop

Thinking cup

Café Crema

One thought on “Finding Where You Belong

  1. We’ve been to Boston thrive, and having also been to Over the Pond also, I love Boston! Old North Church, Italian District, Ye Old Oyster House, Faniel Hall and Market, I need to go again and eat some crab chowder and lobster for sure. Another fave, Filene’s Dept Store! God, youade it all the better with ocean and big rocks and seashells

    So glad for you Liz! CB


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