First Blog Post!

This is my very first post and I am so excited! I am starting this blog as a means of personal documentation, and hopefully; it will blossom into an enjoyable collection of posts for those who choose to invest a few minutes of their time in reading them. I have always loved reading and learning new things. While writing has always been very enjoyable for me as well, I have never thought that what I write/publish could be taken seriously by many people. However that perspective has changed and at this point in my life – I find it imperative to share what I learn. Every person on this planet has a different journey and chooses completely different paths that lead to various outcomes. We can all benefit from one another’s lessons.

I care so deeply about the health of those around me and I cannot help but want to show people how easy it is to be truly HEALTHY. Healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Of course I would like to point out that I am in no way perfect or have all of the answers. I am not certified (yet) to give professional advice on what to eat, any psychological advice, or be an adequate counselor for anyone. However, I will share my best tips and will aim to give a clear perspective on how I live my life. I personally eat a whole-food, high-carbohydrate, plant- based (vegan) diet. I enjoy long runs, walks, weight lifting, yoga, and anything that gets me outdoors or moving. I despise being inside for very long.

I love to travel and will be doing a little bit this summer. I will be staying in Boston, Massachusetts for 10 days interning for the Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation (EChO) based out of Harvard University. I currently live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana- so it will be quite a change in scenery. Later this summer I will also be going on a missions trip to Romania. Last summer I went on a similar trip and it impacted the way that I think about so many things. I cannot wait to be back in the breath-taking mountains of central Europe with those beautiful Gypsy children. (I will be making separate posts on all of these trips with much more detail)

With those things being mentioned- be expecting many great photographs along with all of my posts. I love taking pictures and believe it is one of the best ways to capture life’s most precious moments.

I hope to encourage you as a reader with every post, and also be a positive addition to your life which may seem to be much too hectic at times.

-Liz Courville


3 thoughts on “First Blog Post!

  1. Liz, this is a great first blog. Keep up the good blogs. I am sure that you will have a lot of followers


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